Brandon Ray w/ DJ Ty Street

with DJ Ty Street

November 16, 2018 @ 9:00 pm
$5 in advance — $10 VIP

“We work all week, in a smokestack town. ‘Til the freakin’ weekend comes rolling around!” Brandon Ray belts out intermixed with infectious handclaps on the chorus of this new track “American Way,” a song that encapsulates the best elements of country and good ole rock n’ roll.

The West-Texas native knows a thing or two about the American Way. At a young age his parents instilled the notion to follow his passion while emphasizing the importance of hard work. “In the early days I used to barricade myself in my room for hours and emerge with a horrible excuse for a song and annoy my parents with it. They did nothing but encourage me to keep going. In a way, they were my first publishers,” Ray laughs.

His new batch of songs are smothered in the American richness that Brandon has soaked up crisscrossing the heartland. One part country, one part rock n’ roll, but all heart, the new songs sew together his wide variety of influences, like a patchwork quilt. On the track “That Could Be Us,” the romantic idealist approaches love with the same hopefulness he applies to his career. Ray paints a vivid picture of potential love when he sings, “That song on the radio, in your head like a movie. You can see it when you close your eyes, that moment when a boy meets girl. Their world ain’t never gonna be the same.”

It’s been a long road from Big Spring to selling t-shirts & CDs for gas to opening for Taylor Swift. But it won’t be long before that road is sound tracked by Brandon Ray’s explosive choruses blaring on country radio as he rolls on.