Booking Contact

Jason Bruner
More Music Group
757-463-1940 x 107

Venue Technical Specifications

Stage Power:
(5) 20 amp circuits at stage front
(4) 20 amp circuits on back wall
(4) 20 amp circuits at monitor world stage right

Midas M32 (connected to stage via CAT5E to S32 I/O box)
Hanging Line Array
(6) TurboSound TLX84’s per side
(1) TurboSound TLX215L’s per side
(4) TurboSoundTMX218B dual 18′ subs
(4) Lab Gruppen D:80 4L Power Amps

Monitor Console (TBD)
5x Yamaha DXR12
2x EV ETX15p
1x Yorkville 720p sub

Large assortment of Mics (including Standard SM58s and sm57s)